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300kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

300kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter
Product Code :- CPPML300

300kg Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent magnetic lifter lifting magnet with safe working load of 300kg lifts quickly, safely and reliably all kinds of flat and round ferromagnetic material. Our manufacturing and supplying company has all the resources to design this equipment in a way that it operates smoothly workshops, warehouses, steel stockholders, automotive, food processing and mechanical industries. This permanent magnetic lifter has 96mm x 94mm x 168mm (HxWxL), 214mm lever length, 70mm height lifting eye, 44mm inner width lifting eye and 12mm diameter lifting eye.


  • This equipment is easy to operate
  • It has a high magnetic property
  • It comes with optimum strength and resistance to breaking
  • It is ultra-compact and robust

Minimum order quantity of 1pc

Packed in wooden carton

Payment mode - T/T, L/C