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Alnico Magnet

Alnico Magnet
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Alnico Magnet

Alnico Magnet is the most commonly used magnet in the domain of sensors, loudspeakers, electric guitar, electric motors and so on. This is designed from high quality nickel, aluminum, and cobalt using high tech machines and modern techniques. To comprehend the exact requirements of customers, we have been offering the collection in a variety of technical specifications in budget.


  • Exceptional magnetization property
  • High resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • Ensures high temperature stability
  • Hard and brittle

These days, they are used in high temperature applications that need low coercivities in mass produced devices. This is available for legacy applications. This material is available at the cost of Neodymium magnets, though they are less coercive in most of the uses. They are designed either a sintering process or casting process.


  • Exceptional temperature stability up to 1,000oF - 90% of room temperature
  • High residual induction for varied applications in all the powerful fields with assured forms.
  • Rust proof design and mechanically strongest that can be produced in comparatively convoluted shapes.
  • Tooling is passably low; hence molds are used in casting activity.

Key Challenges

  • They have low coercivity, hence well-demagnetized.
  • They are comparatively expensive
  • They have casting pores and nulls that can be baffling from the cosmetics point of view
  • Tough and brittle materials, hence arduous to machine.

Quick Facts

  • Saturation magnetizing field required - about 5kOe
  • Density - 0.265 lbs per cubic inch
  • Manufacturing processes - casting (most common) or sintering.
  • Shapes available: Discs, Horseshoes, Bars, Blocks, Rings etc.
  • Grades available – from 0105 to 0519
  • Sizes – They can be cast (like horseshoe magnets weighing 500 pounds). Small magnets sintered (such as sintered discs, 1/16" in diameter)

Surface Treatments

No specific surface treatment is desirable for Alnico magnets as they are resistant to oxidation. They can be easily plated with metals, like chrome or nickel.


They are very tough as well as brittle, hence can be damaged if not cautiously handled.

They are effortlessly demagnetized

They hold hairline cracks with casting voids in the material. Finish machining can reveal these hairline cracks with voids. The pursuing is an extract from MMPA regulations pointing such state:

"They are primarily used for magnetic capacities without attentiveness to the mechanical properties. They are braced by the great metallurgic pattern that will contain a level of physical flaw. Generally it is not recommended that these materials should be used for decorative and structural purposes except the physical necessities of the magnets are previously specified in an appropriate manner."

Minimum order quantity - 10pcs

Packing format - carton and wood carton

Payment mode -  T/T, L/C