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Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet
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Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet is designed from pristine quality components with contemporary techniques at sound production unit. This is used in electromagnets, transformers and inductors for reducing the eddy current losses. Also, this is tested by experts to maintain the magnetic property for a longer period of time. You can get this Ferrite Ring Magnet in bulk according to the varied requirements at pocket friendly prices.


  • Compact size
  • Highly coercive
  • Optimum strength
  • Resistance to demagnetized


Grades Available:Y30,Y30BH,Y32,Y32h,Y33,Y36H(China standard);C1,C8,C8B,C10,C12(U.S.A Standard)


  • Speaker magnets
  • DC brushless motors
  • Separators
  • Medical equipment
  • Toys
  • Decorative magnets

If compared to the neodymium magnets, the adhesive force of ferrite magnets is weaker. They are cheap and are entirely appropriate for external applications for rust-resistance property. If size as well as volume are less necessary than cost, then ferrite magnets is a fine substitute to neodymium magnets.

Price stability

They are less subject to the cost variations as their production methods do not involve rare earth metals.

Temperature resistance

They can be used at temperatures between -40oC to 250oC, while neodymium magnets lose their magnetization at a temperature of 80oC.

Outdoor uses

They are insusceptible to rust and chemicals, while neodymium magnets are not.


They can break into parts after putting a lot of pressure, whereas Neodymium magnets are breakable that can also harm the users.

Loss of adhesive force

Ferrite and neodymium magnets both do not drop their magnetization.

Standard tolerances

Neodymium magnets own a tolerance of +/- 0,1 mm and ferrite magnet’s tolerance is +/- 0,1 mm; width- and length- tolerance is 2%, but at least 0,1 mm.


Smaller ferrite magnets have weak magnetic field, so they can be protected easily. Extra efforts should be given to give protection to neodymium magnets.


Ferrite magnets are not at all coated; they reveal an unattractive dark-gray color and got stained under rubbing or friction. Hence, they are not suitable for name tags, etc.

Neodymium magnets have a charming silver color, hence widely used for decorations purposes and gifts.

Danger for children

Highly powerful ferrite magnets are very difficult to easily consume by children. Neodymium magnets have much advanced magnetization that can cause complications if swallowed by children.

Danger for devices

Magnets can be used in electronic devices such as pacemakers and hearing aids. Ferrite magnet is not as beefed-up as neodymium magnet that makes it harmless to keep near those devices. Yet, it is safe to keep the, at a distance.