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Hand Lifting Magnet

Hand Lifting Magnet
Product Code :- HLM 06

Hand Lifting Magnet

Our company manufactures and supplies Hand Lifting Magnet, to be used for sliding and lifting thick/thin steel sheet and plates. The two models of this black and red lifting magnet come with specific lifting capacity and magnet width. The black handle on the top is used to lock or release the material. The operator can push the handle forward to release the material. Made from stainless steel, this lifting magnet has a heat tolerance of maximum 80 degree Celsius / 180 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Here is the detailed specifications of two models of our hand lifting magnet:

Model: 30kg

Size: 158mmx147mmx199mm (LxWxH)

Net Weight: 1.25kgs

Model: 50kg

Size: 120mmx90mmx275mm (LxWxH)

Net Weight: 2.8kgs

Minimum order quantity of 10pcs

Packed in wooden carton

Payment mode- T/T, L/C