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Industrial Permanent Lifting Magnets

Industrial Permanent Lifting Magnets
Product Code :- CPPML

Industrial Permanent Lifting Magnets

We have mentioned the most popular permanent lifting magnet magnetic lifter here. This PML model has a powerful NdFeB permanent magnet, that produced a strong magnetic path. This path can be switched on and off by turning the handle/lever manually. This lifter is used to lift, hold and move ferromagnetic material, like machined parts, beams, tubes, billets, pipes, bar stock, press molds, etc. This compact and self-contained material handling equipment can be used anywhere, also in places with no electricity. This is because, it requires no external power source or battery to operate. In case, you want to move large size steel plates, you can incorporate a hook, crane and beam, along with it.


  • It's a one time investment, owing to zero running & maintenance cost.
  • This model has a specific lifting capacity.
  • Safe and fast one-handed operation with simple locking switch handle/lever.
  • No need for electrical power.


  • Simply move the lever to the ON position to engage the magnet while lifting materials.
  • Safety lock keeps the permanent lifting magnet engaged until you release it.

Warning: Never move the lever to the ON position unless the permanent lifting magnet is placed on an iron or steel object.


  • Hundreds of lifting and positioning applications.
  • Loading or unloading many work pieces including press molds, plastic molds, machined parts etc.
  • Used as a part in the project of Magnetic Manhole Cover Lifter.
  • With a hook, crane and beam, some pieces of permanent lifting magnets can lift large size of steel plate.