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Industrial Permanent Magnet Lifter

Industrial Permanent Magnet Lifter
Product Code :- CPPML

Industrial Permanent Magnet Lifter

Here is our best selling permanent lifting magnet, that is compact, light weight, self-contained, robust and durable. The PML model lifting magnet comprises magnet material and steel parts that creates a path from where magnetic flux is transferred from the magnet materials to ferromagnetic material to be lifted. This model is assembled with a powerful NdFeB permanent magnet and mild steel, that gives it high magnetic/holding power and compact size. Steel tubes, sheets, beams and machined components can be lifted and handled using this lifting magnet. The handle/lever of the lifting magnet plays a crucial role. By turning it, one can easily attract and release the load.


  • Available in different lifting capacities
  • External power supply is not required
  • Simply operated by hand
  • Assured durability with little maintenance
  • Accidental deactivation is prevented with self-locking safety block


  • The magnet can be engaged in lifting material, just by moving the handle/lever to the ON position
  • The magnet lifter will continue to hold and move the load, until the safety lock is activated

Warning: Only when the permanent magnet is to be used, move the lever to the ON position.


  • This permanent lifting magnet magnetic lifter finds application in workshops, production houses, warehouses and transport facilities.
  • For flat, thick and round ferromagnetic material lifting and positioning applications.
  • Large size of steel plate can be lifted incorporation with a hook, crane and beam.